Do You Know Your Self-Worth?

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I’ve noticed women often cheat themselves—in their lifestyle, love life, or any relationship. They say it’s because naturally we are givers. I can’t say I always knew my worth or what I wanted but I was taught to love myself and treat people the way I would want to be treated! So naturally I love hard and I respect first. I know they say to get respect you gotta earn it, but I’m cut from a different cloth! I give a 100 percent first, because to me when all else fails, you gave your all first. What does any of this have to do with worth? The point is stick to what you believe in, don’t give up your happiness for someone else!

Find a middle point, a happy medium, a way to make what’s important to you count or matter. Balance. Some people may take this as being selfish. It’s not selfish it’s self-love … and all the rest will follow.

So ladies, learn to love yourself first, you have to start inside, to shine on the outside … Don’t cheat yourself whether it be a job, a man, a lifestyle. Think big, dream big! I just learned this, this week: “name it then claim it.”

Love your beauty!



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