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Dodging Potholes!

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On my way to work, I drive a stretch of country road that is pockmarked with patches of varying shades of asphalt filling countless potholes. Each time it rains, new potholes are formed and old ones reappear as if in defiance to repeated efforts to cover them.

Navigating around the roadway hazards takes the skill of a NASCAR driver and the predatorily observation powers of a hungry hawk. Steer to the right here. Drive near the centerline there—whatever it takes to maneuver safely through the danger. There have been times that I jigged when I should have jagged and hit a deep hole. Surprisingly, there was no damage to my tire or wheel but the opportunity was certainly there.

Are you spending time dodging potholes, swerving this way and that trying to avoid life’s negatives rather than staying focused on the true direction God has for you?
My prayer for you is that you keep your heart and mind stayed on him regardless of the potholes of life you may encounter. It is a guarantee the nuisances won’t ever disappear completely but they will certainly pale in comparison when we consider his blessings and promises.




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