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Does God Exist?

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Does God exist?

I have been told countless of times that one of the topics you don’t ever want to start a discussion on is religion. It simply will never end and there will be no clarity and finality to it, no matter how long one engages in it.

This one is not even a discourse on whether one religion is the true religion compared to another, but rather an even more fundamental one of whether there is a god.

My argument for the presence of a god is the phenomenon of Charice.

For all intents and purposes, Charice should not even be with us right now. At the age of three, she faced the prospects of an uncertain future without her mother or even a violent end to their lives with the rampaging anger of her father holding a gun to her mother’s head. But by the grace of a god, they survived.

For all intents and purposes, despite the family’s survival from such a terrifying and brutal possibility, they still had to survive the more arduous task of daily living with only a single parent and meager income to support Charice and her brother, Carl. But by the grace of a god, they did until such time that Charice was old enough to sing in singing contests.

For all intents and purposes, despite having a talent that was only apparent to her mother, Mommy Racquel, and perhaps close relatives at that time, she should not have any business joining contests, because she was too young and that they were practically gambling whatever little they had to travel to and from these contests and to dress Charice up for them. But by the grace of a god, she won enough of these contests to put food on their table and bolster Charice’s and her mother’s confidence that there just might be a future for her in singing.

For all intents and purposes, Charice should not have been the Internet singing sensation and newly crowned US pop princess that she is right now. For one thing, she did not even win the last TV network-sponsored singing contest she entered several years back. She came in third, for crying out loud! But by the grace of a god who works in mysterious ways, an unknown and unrelated admirer posted a video of her on YouTube. Why? Because he saw a YouTube clip of a young American singer and thought to himself that the Philippines has also someone like her in the name of Charice.

For all intents and purposes, Mommy Racquel should already have been an overseas contract worker by now. Charice herself mentioned that Mother Racquel was already set to travel and work abroad after their defeat in that previously mentioned contest. It must have taken a lot of courage, belief in Charice’s talent, and hours of constant prayers to a god for Mommy Racquel to shelve her plans for a modest but more secure future working as an overseas contract worker, to throw caution to the wind, and to, foolheartedly but with abundant faith, embark on yet another stab at an uncertain singing career for her daughter.

For all intents and purposes, the appearance in Korea in the StarKing TV show should have been the end of it. It is not that far-fetched that an Asian singer would appear on an Asian TV show. Let’s face it, talented as she is, who would have thought that Ellen DeGeneres’s staff would get interested in her YouTube clips among the millions of outstanding and interesting videos that a show producer can make a story out of? Then Ellen would still have to look at their storyboards and decide that this is one particular show she wants to pursue. But by the grace of a god, there was Charice on that fateful day singing her heart out on Ellen’s show.

For all intents and purposes, the Ellen appearance should have been the end of the road show called Charice on American TV. For a while it was, until Oprah picked up where Ellen left off. Oprah’s staff came up with the idea for a show presenting children from various places to strut their wares on national TV for all the millions to see. She didn’t know Charice, had never seen her before, and she has veto powers whether to have that kind of a show or not. But by the grace of a god, she decided she would have that kind of a show.

For all intents and purposes, Charice’s appearance on Oprah should have been her fifteen minutes of fame. It should have been the highlight of her career as like many who have appeared before her, and will appear after her, on Oprah’s show. But by the grace of a god, the eyes, ears, heart, and imagination of the most powerful woman of the American entertainment industry opened to the magic called Charice. 

For all intents and purposes, despite Oprah’s unabashed admiration for Charice’s talent, that should have been the end of it. Oprah, as powerful as she is in the industry, does not know how to sing. She said so herself.  But if she did, she would call David Foster. As so she did. David Foster, the genius behind Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, among others, with his discerning ear accustomed to the soaring and stellar voices of these established divas would still have to be convinced that Charice has what it takes to make a run for it. But by the grace of a god, David said, “Charice is undeniable.”

For all intents and purposes, there should be no Charice.

By the grace of God, we have Charice.



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