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Don’t Be Afraid to Punch Through

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You want to know one of the most horrifying things about pushing your way to success? It’s when you get to that point where you are almost there! That point is scary as hell!

You don’t understand? Okay, follow me on this one. When you’re driving towards to a goal, your mission is solely on that goal. While you’re working to get to that point, you’re used to be in the trenches. You’re grinding away. Making new relationships. Fine tuning your craft. Trying out different options and opportunities. You’re doing everything you need to do. You’re fighting your battles. You take a loss here and there. You lick your wounds and you keep on fighting.

Then one day, it finally happens. You get that opportunity. It’s the one that you have struggling, pushing, and scrapping your butt off for and now it’s here. You deserve it. You earned it. You fought for it. It’s yours!

Then, it happens! You pull back a bit! Say what? What the hell are you pulling back for now? You are a warrior. You fought for this moment! This moment is yours!  It’s time to make it stop, drop, and pop lock baby!

The problem is the wounds! You’ve been beat down so many times. You’ve have so many “great opportunities” thrown your way that turned out to be nothing. You’ve had to pick yourself up after being thrown to the waist side. You’ve been used and taken advantage of on more than one occasion. You’re just at the point where you’re just not sure if this is it. So many times, you’ve told yourself that you would know when you’ve reached your goal but after getting burned a few times, you just don’t know anymore.

Well, stop pulling back the reigns. Part of the reason you got this far is because you weren’t afraid to jump into the fire. You weren’t afraid to “PUNCH THROUGH” when you thought you had hit the jackpot. The simple fact of the matter is, there really is no magical “I have arrived” moment. It just doesn’t happen. The “pot of gold” is not at the end of the rainbow. It’s when you start following the rainbow because you weren’t afraid to get outside and walk in the rain.
There are countless stories of individuals who push and kept pushing until they got to where they are. If you keep chipping away at the wall, don’t worry if you can’t put a hole in the wall. After chipping away, the wall will fall down on its own!


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