Don’t Look Back in Anger: Letter to My Younger Self

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Dear Younger Self,

First of all, cut your hair. Like thin thighs and an appreciation for country music, some things in life are not meant to be. Long hair is something that just isn’t going to happen. Get over it and embrace a short, choppy ’do.

Having fun is great, but if you blow off college, you’ll miss out on a lot. Hanging out with older friends who didn’t finish school and are still bartending at age thirty may seem cool now, but it will only turn you into one of them. Which is decidedly not cool.

Start experimenting with unfamiliar foods. It’s better to broaden your horizons now than to be the weird twenty-five-year-old who’s never eaten sushi.

Take more pictures. Years from now, you will wish you had more ways to remember the amazing times you had.

Stop shopping so much. You’re going to drop about forty pounds in a few years, and then all those $200 jeans will be worthless and all you’ll have to show for it will be credit card debt.

Your mom will always be your biggest fan and staunchest supporter. When you are in the hospital on Thanksgiving, she will drive ten hours on one day’s notice just so you don’t have to spend the holiday alone. Be nicer to her.

If you go on a job interview and the interviewer tells you point-blank that it’s a terrible job, listen. Run away. Immediately.

When you are traveling back from a high school friend’s wedding in July 2003, make sure not to leave your amazing Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses on the plane. I promise you will regret it forever.  

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