The Door Within

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“A doorway at the foot of the mind. A place in time when the sun, stars, moon, and universe greet one another in a warm embrace and enter into the depths of the imagination, painting the hopes and dreams of creative existence onto the canvas of life.”

There is a multitude of opportunities that occur within every given moment … the many streams of thoughts that have the capacity to open up the infinite choices that grow from within a single possibility.

The power to change your life … if you explore the depths of wonder, beauty, and awe within yourself.

When I was actively using my capacity to have an open mind was very, very minimal and entirely based upon the actual act of using. Any extra mental energy I had was often consumed by my physical need to use.

When I finally became willing to “see” myself and my life through the eyes of acceptance, and then surrender only then did the rusty hinges of my mind begin to creak open. First to the reality of where I actually was in life (low-down junkie) but also to the reality of where I was heading (low-down junkie in jail.)

With these two observations, came also their polar opposites. Streams of thoughts flowing into the idea of freedom and a new way of life. I wondered and pondered if I could one day be free of the addiction that I had carried and dragged for so many years.

Was it possible?????

I believe that only when you begin to actually “think” outside the labels and observations that define your existence, only then can the possibilities begin to emerge from the mind that has newly opened.

I know that at first, this was difficult for me in the sense that everything in my life reinforced the life I was living.

I was a heroin addict.

I was hopelessly addicted.

I was committing crimes.

I thought this was all there was.

I thought I didn’t have a choice.

I didn’t understand that what I “thought” defined the conditions I lived in.

When I started to think that maybe, just maybe, one day I could be clean; did the idea actually begin to form itself into my reality, creating the very doorway which led me to the choice to step onto the path of uncertainty beginning my journey into the process of recovery.

As I became open … I tapped into the unlimited reserve of “What If?”

“What if?” has allowed me to redefine my world by redefining the way I think … it leaves me with room to explore possibilities that my present reality may not offer in its “realness.” It leaves me with a sense of adventure in all that is available to experience in this lifetime if I only allow myself to dive into the beautiful, colorful depths of my imagination that flourishes within.


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