The Dream

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My friend—as I lay in bed last night, you were on my mind. I thought of the many things that I should say to you to try to get you and your life back on track and back into the will of God. I thought of what would happen if some tragedy occurred and you were taken from us. As I fell asleep, I was suddenly in a place that was more beautiful than any place I had ever seen. Everyone there was happy; not a tear to be found. As I looked around, I saw my daddy and momma waving to me. I hurried over to them and hugged them both and told them how happy I was to see them once again. My daddy told me that they were glad too and how proud they were of me and the type of life I had led. Arm in arm with both of them, we started walking down this street made of gold. As we walked, daddy pointed out some of the famous people who were there. There was David, Peter, Paul, Daniel and all of the rest of the people I had read about for years. Then he said, “over there are two people I know you will want to speak to.” I looked and there stood Mary and Joseph.

I rushed to their side and told them how I had looked forward to meeting them. The events that had happened in their lives down on earth had made everything possible for all of mankind. Then daddy and momma said come on, that there would be plenty of time to talk to them. We walked on, meeting all of my kinfolks who had gone on before me, daddy’s momma, his daddy, and all of his brothers and his sister. Momma said that over there on the left was her momma and daddy and all the rest of her family. The reunion was one great moment of happiness for us all. I told all of them about my life down on earth, about my wonderful family, my wife, and my son. I told them that it would be a little while and they would be joining us.

But then I told my folks that everything was wonderful, but there was someone I wanted to meet and talk to. I asked where I could find Jesus, that I wanted to thank Him for all He had did and the sacrifices He made for me. They carried me a ways up the street and then I saw the crowd of people gathered around Him. I went up to Him and touched His robes and told Him how much I loved Him and how grateful I was to Him for all the blessings He gave me while I was down on earth, but I mostly wanted to tell Him thank you for dying on the old cross for people like me.

But as I finished my visit, daddy took me by the arm and told me that I could not stay. I had to go back down on earth and finish the job that God had given me to do. He said that there was a good friend of mine who would never get to enjoy Heaven if I stayed up there. He said that I needed to go back and tell you about this place and guide you thought accepting God and to live in His will, so you too would someday join all of us. At this point, I woke up with tears in my eyes. I realized that I had not done enough with you to get you and your life straightened out. So, I am here for you and I make you this promise, I will give it all my effort to get you to prepare yourself for this place called Heaven. I love you, my friend.


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