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Ease the Pain

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When the day starts with you waking up with a headache, you think that you will be stuck with that headache all day. Or will you? Can you possibly will that headache away? I think it’s possible. But not many people have the mental discipline to wish the pain away. We have to train ourselves to ignore the pain and concentrate on being pain-free. I have tried it with no success. I always end up taking medication until eventually the pain becomes bearable enough for me to carry on with my day. And I know that tomorrow the chances of me waking up with another headache are pretty slim.

I’m curious, though; is all pain the same? Heartache, for example. Is heartache an easier pain to ignore or wish away than a headache is? Heartache brings physical pain, doesn’t it? Our heart does ache when it is broken or bruised.

The dictionary’s definition of pain is: a physical, mental or emotional suffering or torment. Therefore, I presume that a headache can be compared to heartache. The pain we experience in both circumstances are different types of pain, but pain none the less. Except there is no medication that I know of to make the heartache go away for good.

We try to forget the heartache. We wake up with a smile and a stretch and then the reality sinks in and we remember the pain. We look over to the empty side of the bed and we feel the pain. There are no dirty socks on the floor, no empty beer cans in the trash, and we feel the pain. And that pain spreads and we become sad. Overwhelmed. Will I ever feel better, we ask? How can this ever get better? Is there a pill I can take for this pain to make it all go away, just like my headache?

No, unfortunately, there is no medicine to take. There is no secret concoction to brew up that will make us forget. But we will feel better because there is time. Time is our medication. 

As time passes, the pain will start to be less intense. Opening our eyes in the morning will eventually be followed by a smile instead of a frown. The obscurity we feel will soon start to dissipate. We will start to gain control. We will choose to listen to happy tunes instead of songs drowning in misery and lost loves. We will be able to pick up that feel good book instead of surfing the internet posting questions on love lost websites asking “Why, oh why, did this happen to me?!” We will start to become happy again. And with that happiness we will feel a dissolution of the pain.

But I don’t think the pain will ever fully go away. It will become bearable. You will be able to live with it. But it will linger in our innermost thoughts and feelings as a reminder of something we once had. A reminder that, at one time, a much happier time, we didn’t feel pain, we felt love. A love that we can’t forget, and a time that we can’t suppress or replace. Nor should we want to. We must remember the special times when love consumed us so much that we couldn’t feel anything else. That is the only way we can make the pain we feel now bearable. We must remember the love.

So in summation, I can honestly say that no one accepts pain, but we endure it. We learn to live with it.
We handle the pain by remembering a time when we felt no pain. Whether it be the day before we woke up with a headache, or the lifetime before when our hearts swelled excitedly with feelings of love and happiness. That is what will ease the hurt.


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