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Easter: Who Moved the Stone?

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The great stone sealed the new sepulcher,
'twas untouched in the garden and made sure.
The tomb is now empty, Mary did say.
Did the Angel of God roll it away?
Maybe the Angel sent the great quake
And in fear chief priests did quiver and shake.
Did the angel sit on the stone to prove
The two types of tremble made the stone move?
Time to fold linen and arrange his clothes,
Escape in the darkness; deceiving his foes.
This conqueror of death where strength is prone,
Is it possible he, himself, moved the stone?
Of this one concern, the question remains.
The mind calculates with measures and pains.
The one common factor who moved the stone gives
Is our human doubt in believing he lives!

You need not be of religious preference to learn a valuable lesson from the story this poem represents. The stone is definitely an obstacle. It appears to me that the reason the stone (obstacle) was placed there is contingent on the fact that the people believed something; otherwise, they would not have sealed it shut! On the other hand, it was curiosity in many forms (doubt) that moved the stone out of the way. Then and only then did the man called Jesus rise and was recognized.
In principle, you have to become nothing before you can become something. Sometimes the doubt of the same ones who place the obstacle in your way will be what moves that obstacle back out of the way. So let certain individuals doubt no matter the pain although you may be able to remove the obstacle yourself. Not to be confused with complacency; this applies when the realization of the support system you thought you had crumbles. Always believe in yourself as he did.


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