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Ebb and Lows

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How many times have we heard it?

Burnout. When you suddenly lose interest on things that use to take up much of your passion and time. When there is a steady decline of energy and things seems to be just a waste of time. Sometimes you feel sluggish, unable to move and oftentimes, hours seems to be so fast or too slow. There is nothing that motivates you but to wallow in your own sweat and lie on your own bed.

We have been there. Through the ebb and lows.

There are days where energies could run high and where writing seems to be made in heaven. Where words are easily formed and thoughts in coherence. There are also days when one goes through the breeze of completing tasks and sometimes, one has to stare at the computer monitor and go through nothingness.

On good days when happy hormones are jumping out and down. Some days dim and blue. Or sluggish.

How do we go about it?

Some things are therapeutic such as:

1. Going to the beach to just sit down, breathe and take a slow, yummy breakfast. Early morning dips are the best.

2. Finding a quiet time alone in the mountains to read a book or simply stare at the raindrops and listen to its melody.

3. Early morning walks. Welcoming the cool breeze.

4. Gorging on good food and great conversation with your best friends.

5. Coffee. Bitter coffee.

6. Dark chocolate. Uhmmm. 

7. Gratitude notes instead of to-do list

8. Good film.

9. Great rest.

10. Travel.

Most things are doable in a daily basis even if piles of work are waiting. The key is to take time out for ourselves, respect our rhythm and be still. In time, sunshine comes. 


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