Election Day Brings Relief

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With Election Day finally here, I feel I can breathe a huge sigh of relief even though the outcome of the votes is not known.

Election Day means an end to all the negative campaign ads, and that is a great reprieve. For some reason, the campaign process this time around felt intensely negative and ugly on all political sides, both on the national and local levels, more so than in previous campaigns. Maybe I am naively optimistic, but I was hoping that we were better than the slander in the ads and political commentary.

The lesson I have learned from this process is that I am renewed even more in my commitment to seek the positive in others. Moving forward, I am dedicated to listening more to others, to seeking understanding, and to tolerating differences in others. I want to be both affirming and challenging, because I believe change and growth happen in a positive environment and not in the spiral of negativity.

I also know this to be true in the spiritual journey. We grow in our spirituality from a place of love and not a place of judgment. Whatever the outcome this day, may we all find the challenge to grow in the fertile soil of encouragement, affirmation, and love.

Courage this day!

By Denise Pyles, M.Div.



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