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The Eleven Reasons Why We Do What We Do and Don’t Do What We Could Do

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1.    Because of the Personal Operating System (POS) we use.—What is your POS? Does it need an upgrade?  

2.    Because of the Personal Environment Surrounding Us—You are most like the five books you last read, five people you spend the most time with, and the five places you consistently live and/or travel.  

3.    Because We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know—What don’t you know that would be wise to know? What do you want to “get smart” about?  

4.    Because of Our Degree of Self-Awareness—You do what you can sense. What are you not sensing that would help you know yourself more intimately?  

5.    Because of What We Believe To Be True—Truth is evolving very quickly. Can you keep up?  

6.    Because of Our Humanity—You inherited biological and sociological influences such as genes, personality, ego, past, roles, and responsibilities.  

7.    Because of Our Society—You were born into a culture that often defines who you are and what you “should” do.  

8.    Because of the Ideas that Determine Our Thinking—New ideas lead to change. What new ideas can you search out?  

 9.    Because of the Strength of Our Support Team—You need quality friends, coaches, mentors, and people in your life to be your best.  

10.   Because of Our Level of Openness and Responsiveness—The more open-minded you are and responsive to incoming stimuli, the more adaptable you become.

11.   Because We Either Ignore or Follow Our Intuition—If you follow your intuition, you are guided in the direction most joyful to your soul.  

(This list was inspired by the Father of Coaching, Thomas Leonard).  


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