Elusive Inspiration

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I realized tonight that I have times of unexplainable inspiration – the uncontrollable need to write or paint, or sing. Other times – nada, nothing, zilch. Those of you who follow my articles (I know there are so many of you) may have noticed that it has been months since my last writing. It got me thinking, where does that inspiration come from? That internal rush to do something, to create. Perhaps it is related to that “Aha!” moment when things just come to us. But I don’t have aha moments when sitting on the couch watching television. Occasionally, I have them in the shower while shampooing my head, though those are rare. I do often have the sudden urge to write, however, and it always happens after midnight. Maybe I am finally relaxed, maybe my mind is bored. All I know is that it is incredibly fulfilling. It’s the same rush some people get from diving of cliffs or out of airplanes. It’s exhilarating. I never know when inspiration will strike, but I hope I will always take full advantage of that internal drive to put pen to paper. Releasing my thoughts is like a drug–damn, is it addictive!


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