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Emotional Demons Claim the Life of People Every Day

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Right now practically everyone is thinking about the death of Whitney Houston and her surprising death at age forty-eight. Many thought she was on a comeback from the drug-infested life she lived and she was now working on getting her career back on track with the remake of the movie Sparkle and possibly being a judge on the X Factor. However, what I have found from being a recovering drug addict myself and conducting empowerment programs to people all across the country is even if someone gives up drugs and/or alcohol, they often have other emotional demons that plague them and sometimes that can cause one to fall off the wagon.

It takes a lot of work, each and every day, to fight those demons, which are always present, but even more so if one lives the Hollywood life. To be honest, when I was just getting into the entertainment industry and still struggling to stay drug free, I made a conscious decision not to live in Hollywood or LA. The lure of the night life, drugs, all kinds of craziness and crazy people in the industry would have been a temptation to me every day. I don’t think I would have survived it. Now, that I have been clean for a number of years, I am still working on purging the demons from my past because when you are a recovering addict you realize you’re still a mess in so many other ways. You still must deal with all you did foul while you were using. You must make peace with those you have harmed or did wrong during your time of drug or alcohol use. You must also learn to make peace with yourself.

But since you are human and you have emotional baggage from your childhood, from your relationships, from life’s experiences, you will need address these issues and deal with them head on. Proclaiming you’re drug or alcohol free and going to rehab or to therapy doesn’t mean you’re cured. Unless one truly deals with those emotional demons then those ghosts will haunt you forever and it will lead you back to your vices of destruction, which will lead to being miserable , unhappy and unfulfilled your entire life or death by accidental overdose or suicide.

As I continue my HERE I STAND Empowerment Tour, promoting my new memoir and giving motivational and empowerment speeches, it is my hope that my past experiences of overcoming homelessness, criminal activity, prostitution, and drugs to obtain my dreams and goals of becoming a college graduate, journalist, award winning writer and filmmaker, while staying drug free will help others who are struggling with tremendous obstacles, who feel lost, confused, hopeless, and unsure about their life and understand that despite what they may be going through there is a way to overcome those demons if one truly wants to live a different, a better, a truly happy and successful life.


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