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Standing by the hospital bed of my soul mate, wondering if he would wake up tomorrow, was the most empowering moment of my life. At that moment in time, during that instance, I learned to live only during the moment of my breath and not the breath before or the one to follow. Every waking day was breath to breath, moment to moment, present to present. The past was done and the future was unknown or unplanned. That is when we truly begin to live our lives empowered by the truth of only the moment at hand.

I know that I can also be better at the things in my life so I just don’t even try. That was me in my twenties and early thirties, but after a divorce and career changes I know I can do better,but never better than I am right now in this instance, this moment. I can only be better in the future. But now is here, and here now is where I live and breath. Each breath I take is a breath I lived and also died. I can’t return back to that breath nor can I fast-forward to the next breath.

I know now that living for the moment is the only way to truly live happy and content. Do I know where I will be next year? Next month? Next week? Next hour? Next minute? I can guess, but until this moment comes, then and only then can I really know. But I do know that at this moment I am who I need to be. That is all that matters anymore this moment.

Dedicated to Darrell R. Curry, my soul mate.


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