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End of the Rainbow

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Have you ever wondered if there really is a “pot of gold” at the end of a rainbow? My mind pictures a little leprechaun dressed in green jacket and knickers, sporting a funny striped hat, smiling impishly as golden coins drip from the sides of a round, black-cast iron bowl. One must wonder if he would actually “share” his good fortune if we were lucky enough to find it!

Sometimes, gold comes in another form, one that is not necessarily literal, but an eternal promise that watching from above. Someone really does care about us.

Our family recently suffered the loss of my grandson, who was my only daughter’s firstborn. He came at thirty-one weeks, too early, and struggled bravely for his life, unfortunately passing away after two days. My daughter had been on bed rest for her health prior to the birth, and with that our emotions were already stretched, so upon little Gabriel’s death, we felt our whole world had suddenly stopped.

However, life goes on, whether we like it or not, so having a doctor’s appointment in a nearby city, I invited my daughter along for company. Sun shining, wind blowing, it was a beautiful day—but in the south, when the weather in February feels like springtime, we always know storm clouds are looming. So it was on this day, warm balmy breezes making us feel as though we were on the beach instead of going to the gynecologist! As we entered the building I commented that we needed to be aware of the weather and of tornado watches.

I had just assumed the necessary “everything off but your socks” position on the table, when the nurse interrupted to tell us, there was a tornado spotted just a couple of miles away and we were to hurry down to the basement of the building where we would be safe. 

Are you kidding?

I got dressed and we quickly made the journey downstairs. Thankfully, after a few minutes, we were spared any disasters and the weather cleared so we could continue our original plan of seeing the doctor.

As we were leaving the office, the sky again looked ominous in the direction we were driving. Turning on the local radio station, we learned that we were once again in a tornado warning situation. We found ourselves in the middle of the affected county but it was raining only slightly. Deciding to keep driving, the rain became heavier and hail began to fall. Seeing other cars pulled over, we wondered if they knew something we didn’t. I asked my daughter if she had ever thought we would have to follow the standing scenario of “If you are traveling in a vehicle, stop and lay flat in the nearest ditch.” We had heard this advice all of our lives every stormy spring season. This young woman, my daughter, who was grieving the loss of her child, calmly said to me, “Well, I would rather just pray that God would protect us.”

“Oh, yeah, that too,” I said humbly. So we prayed.

Almost immediately the clouds began to lift. Looking up we saw the most amazing rainbow right above us. As we gazed upon its beauty and followed its arch up and down, we were awed to see that the left side of the bend appeared to be in front of the trees on the roadside. If fact, not only did we see the entire left side of the rainbow, but the very end of it stopped right in front of my vehicle.

I have never seen anything like that in my life. It was as if God was showing us in the Heavens that He alone created that during this extreme time of grief in our lives, He was right with us.

The rainbow followed us for several miles, seemingly to actually touch the front of our car. When the sun came out again and the tornado threat had passed, the rainbow disappeared.

During the appearance, we had slowed our vehicle so that we could enjoy the sight, but it seemed that every other car on the road just zipped by us not even noticing it. 

My daughter finally said, “Do you think anyone else sees the rainbow but us?” 

Wow, what a profound thought. Could we possibly believe that a rainbow appeared just for our benefit? Of course we will never know, but the comfort and peace that it brought to us accomplished its mission. If anyone else saw it and needed a visual that God loves us, then I would guess they saw it, too.

Have you seen a rainbow lately? When you need to know someone cares about you, just look up, you never know what will be waiting for you.


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