Enjoying Nature's Beauty

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Today I'm thankful for the beauty in nature. I love to see the colorful flowers at this time of the year, the blooming trees, the white clouds on a blue sky. Close to my home there is a park with a large lake, and it is like an oasis of peace, ducks waddling, some swans, turtles and many other of God's creatures. The birds are very spoiled, because they know that many of the visitors to the park come there to bring some bread to feed them, I don't think they ever had to fetch any food on their own, they live like royalty with those daily bird catering services :) Just as much as the ducks like it, it is equally enjoyable for the people, for the ducks come close, they eat from your hand, and once they are full they make a loud screeching noise (maybe it is their way to say ''thanks'' :) .. I wish that today you too will notice the beauty in your surroundings, and enjoy its peace and maybe even some entertainment.. ~~Angela


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