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Escaping Death: True Story

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His whole body was shaking and sweating, as he ran making his way through the crowd that gathered at the tragic scene. He had been walking for what seemed like hours to get to the Christian Institute of Theology where a bomb exploded, turning the new building into ruins. He met everyone on his way. Everyone except for his sister. And as he looked at the familiar faces he shouted “Have you seen Michal?’’ then turning to another person he posed the same question fearing that his sister “Michal” might not have made!

It was the fifteenth of January, 2008; just another day at work for me, nothing seemed different at all. Time went by, and I had fifteen minutes more to go before I headed home. I usually enjoyed standing at the window in the library just to gaze at the beautiful sky and the ocean, and so I spent a couple of minutes standing there (not knowing that that same window will be blown away just two minutes later). Then I walked back to my desk and got back to work.

At 4:23, fire flames reached the sky, all windows exploded, chairs and tables were blown to the other side of the library, the huge door was torn into two pieces, the ceiling fell off ... and what truly happened in the split of a second is something that I cannot describe in words. When I saw the fire, I knew something bad was happening. Deep inside I thought “I’m going to die right here and right now.” I laid my hands over my head and I shouted as everything around me fell off ‘‘Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” I wasn’t scared, I was terrified, but when I was repeating the name Jesus, it felt like I was calling on Him, and He answered me!

As I shouted Jesus for the third time, silence filled the library. I recall that I stood up, looked at my nice outfit (which I had recently bought), and I couldn’t find any injury; I was miraculously protected.

Later on, after I made it to the crowded street, I stood staring at the bombed vehicle. Some people were bleeding, others were walking around in despair asking about their loved ones. I looked at the policemen that filled the neighborhood and the paramedics were rushing to help all those who were injured.

I was glad to know that everyone in the building was miraculously protected like myself with slight injuries, on the other hand it was horrible to know that three innocent pedestrians had died.  

I was cold but it didn’t matter anymore! I was alive and that was all that mattered at that time! However, I couldn’t help worrying about my parents who still had no idea that I was alive, since all phone connections went dead. But right then, I heard someone calling my name, “Have you seen Michal? Where is she?” Someone had come for me! I turned to see my brother, his face so pale and hardly breathing. Oh, was I happy to see him!
As he put his arms around me, we both wept … tears of relief.

It’s been one year since the explosion. And even to this day, when I tell my story to others, some people give me the credit telling me that I’m such a good person that even God chose to keep me alive. Well, that’s very nice of them to say, but the thing is I’m not that good. And the astonishing fact is that when the explosion took place I wasn’t on great terms with God. I had a feeling that he was distant, because I was a bit distant from Him. And yet His faithfulness overwhelmed me by saving my life from death, and making the choice to keep me alive. It has nothing to do with me; it has everything to do with Jesus’ faithfulness.

And so you might say: well, okay, Michal … you survived a bomb explosion, so what? People survive car accidents every day, why do you have to right a note about it and make me read it?

Well, you’re absolutely right, but I was just hoping that you wouldn’t have to survive a real bomb yourself in order to realize that: God really truly exists; God is in control of everything and He will never fail you; and, most of all, God loves you and the whole world wouldn’t be the same to God without you.

I just wish you would realize how beautiful it is to know that God holds you in His hand, and you’re never out of His sight. And I pray that this fact would change your life, or at least make you smile today.


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