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In Everything Give Thanks

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So many times over the past couple of years women have asked me, “How can I be thankful when this or that is going on in my life?”

1 Thessalonians 5:18 declares to us, “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” We are to give thanks and glory to God even before our answers come into manifestation. Remember this scripture does not say we are to thank him for everything we are thankful for. Yes, it does seem crazy when you are faced with losing your home to thank God for that. However, I have learned in my life when God allows something to be removed, no matter how hard it is for me, He knows what is best. Now I am not saying it is His will for us to lose our homes, you must seek God fully in whatever your situation is, but today I am going to be a little transparent with you.

In November 2007, my husband and I owned a business that was generating over one million dollars. And literally in the blink of an eye that company was stolen from us from some very greedy people. When my husband called me to pray because our company was about to be taken, I opened my mouth to rebuke the Devil when suddenly I stopped. I knew this was not the work of the enemy, but it was God allowing this to happen in our lives. I called my husband back to tell him that God was allowing (not causing) this, and his reply was “I don’t see how this can be God.” (Remember God did not cause what happened to Job, God allowed it.) Not only did greed take our business but it also took the work and income of many people we had working for us—and we were at the beginning of the holiday season. Greed also took away what we thought were great friendships.

But God taught us to give thanks in what we were going through! We lost our business, we were faced again with the task of rebuilding, and we lost friends who were very important to us. But God showed us as we gave thanks in this, that He was in control. He did not allow us to be down and out; He helped us to rise up. Was every day a cake walk—no! For almost a year, I would lie on my floor and sob for Jesus to heal where I hurt so badly, not over the loss of the money, but the loss of the friendships. But He was faithful. Now here we are over one year later and because we choose to give thanks in everything and walk through the refining fires of God. He is blessing us and giving us wisdom to rebuild our company. We have even had someone give us another company—not sell but give, and He has blessed us with so many more friends and shown us in times of fire who true friends really are and how to be a true friend. He showed us where He removed things out of our lives to get us where He wants to take us, just like God told Abraham to get up and leave his family and all he had, and then He blessed Abraham!

I am so thankful that in everything we can give thanks. What are you facing today, that you must give thanks in. As you cry out to God He is faithful to hear you, perform on your behalf, and heal you where you need healing. Stand on His word today and give thanks in everything!


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