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Evolution: The Fairy Tale for Adults

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There is a theory in philosophy that everything has a source and ultimately an original source.

All living things as we know them came from another living thing. So our life comes from something that is alive. So the original source of life had to be alive infinitely long ago. It also had to be alive on its own without needing something else to start it.

A physicist recently told me that life can come from inside a star. He proceeded to explain how fast moving particles can collide and form other bigger particles. Also how energy is involved. At the end he had showed how elements can come from energy plus other elements. He never came close to talking about life itself; he only told about the particles that form organisms that may or may not be alive.

Also, in chemistry and biology classes, I have learned that organic molecules only come from plants and organic molecules are needed to form cells. So if a cell accidentally formed, where did the organic molecules come from and where did it get life or what made it alive? This first initial step of evolution seems not to be possible.

Evolution: The basis of all life, or a fairy tale for scientists who reject God? This issue is perhaps the clearest, most concise, and ultimately most devastating report available on the all-important issue of the origins of life.

Life is a condition that needs to be maintained in a viable condition continuously, or the life is gone. Once the life is gone, it can not start again or start another life. A plant dies and the seed looks dead, but if the germ in the seed is alive, it can continue dormant for a time and still grow if the conditions are right. As seeds grow older, they start to die off. Those who grow plants call this germination rate.

So all life has its source from infinitely back in time. Creation has a source for that although it can not be proven scientifically. Evolution and/or the big bang have no original source of life that I know of.

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