Excuses, Excuses: Child Abuse Does Not Have to Be Repeated

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I am so tired of hearing the stories of abuse continuing through multiple generations of families. At what point do people grow up and take responsibility for their own actions? Instead, I hear it being used as an excuse for abusing their own kids. 

Here’s the deal. I was raised by a disturbed woman. She says she was raised by a violent alcoholic parent and that she was also sexually abused. This apparently is true and is backed up by other relatives. She then went on to abuse me, physically and emotionally from my first memory of life until I was sixteen. She did it because of how she was raised. That was all she knew. She didn’t know how to be a parent. That’s what I heard from her. 

That’s what I hear being said on behalf of those we see on television who beat, burn, and break their children. I don’t buy it. You see, out of all the other siblings, my mother is the only one known to have abused her children. I’m not saying that the others have been perfect parents. Sure they’ve had their unique issues. Some developed bad habits like theft or alcoholism. Some decided at times that they couldn’t raise their kids, so they were left with relatives. However, they didn’t beat their children. They didn’t tell their children that they wished they had been aborted. Oh, how I wish that I had simply been given away. 

I’ve had my own children and they have never been abused in any way, I don’t even spank them, which many of my conservative peers disagree with. My children are happy and safe and secure with the people who are supposed to protect them—their parents. My abuse instilled in me the desire to make sure that my children never knew that pain. Why can’t others do the same?


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