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Beyond The Goal
A couple of weeks ago I went to a party with my skating buddies whom I hadn’t seen for a few weeks. Many of them commented on how much weight I had lost. One of my best buddies piped up and said “Ahh … I knew she would do it, when Louise says she going to do it, she does it!” She was right. Yes, when I say I will do it I do it. I have now lost seventeen and a half pounds and I feel fantastic!

The Real Goal
Although I have technically reached my goal weight, that isn’t my real goal. My real goal is to manage my expectations moving forward. Our expectations are feelings we project from within. Those feelings are a point of attraction. I feel like a slim woman now, and must expect to feel like this for the remainder of my life.

The Tipping Point
There have been many reasons and moments to get back in shape over the last few months. I managed to ignore most of them up until a conversation I had with Alisa.
We had been at a restaurant and I watched her meticulously choose her meal to ensure she had something that was not fattening. I asked her how she has stayed on track so long (she is a lifetime member of weight watchers). She said that when she feels a craving or weakness coming on she takes a moment to remember how great it feels to slip on a pair of slim jeans easily. It thought to myself, yes! That is what I want, I want that feeling! I will tell you, those jeans feel fantastic. As a matter of fact, they are loose!

I Am
I am that person now. I am happy with my weight and how I feel. I think like a slim woman, eat like a slim woman, and look like a slim woman. That is who have become. That is who I am. That is what I expect to be.

Take the Reigns
There is somewhere in your life you want change. It may be something small that is just an annoyance or it could be a big step. Take a few minutes and think about how it will feel when that change happens. My guess is that it feels like you have taken the reigns in some area of your life. Feels great doesn’t it? Now, find a way to revisit that feeling a few times throughout your day. Put a “stickie” somewhere to spur you on. The only way to start on a journey is to take the first step. That “feeling” is the door opening for you to step out towards your goals and dreams.


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