Exploring the Resistance to Receiving

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It’s hard to receive a hug with your arms folded across your chest. Accordingly, it’s hard for Source to bring you opportunities, resources, relationships, health, wealth and anything else you want if you are in resistance to receiving the experiences that are part of the life wealth cycle.

Through your desire to attract, invite, generate, welcome, and enjoy a new relationship with wealth, you are asking for something you’ve not yet had… and the only way to actually experience that is to be open to what you might not yet be familiar with because you’ve never had it before. This new experience will feel unfamiliar—the ‘hook’ is to not label it as wrong or bad when it’s different from what it was in the past because it HAS to be different from what you already know.

As humans, we have the habit of continually doing the familiar, whether it works for or against us, for no other reason than it is familiar, comfortable and, therefore, perceived as stable and safe (whether or not it actually is).

There’s a fable about a frog that jumps into a pot of water; what he doesn’t know is that it’s sitting on top of a burning stove so the water will boil. As the water heats up, he’s so busy doing the backstroke and enjoying the water that he doesn’t realize that the water is becoming hot; instead, his body is simply adjusting to the temperature. He never does jump out, so we can surmise what happens to him, but he stayed where he was because he mentally adjusted to the boiling water. How are you doing the same thing in your life? That is, where are you resisting change, particularly with regard to your relationship with money?

Your own life experience probably has shown you that there is a varying degree of discomfort when you have created anything new in your life. That discomfort is noticed in both in the transition and as you got used to the new thing or state of being. Bottom line is that it’s scary to go beyond your comfort zone and into something new that you aren’t quite certain about and which can alert your internal security systems to go into protective overdrive.

That internal security mechanism actually seeks to consolidate the energy in order to protect and maintain until the new information can be thoroughly assessed and assimilated. The goal is an essential human need for stability, safety and security. However, since the physical world is fundamentally based around constant change, you never truly get stability, safety and security when it is attached to the physical. There is nothing external that can give you the sense of being grounded and safe like your own internal connection to Source energy.

When you are tapped into Source energy as your stability, you can be completely and amazingly open to the new experiences for which you are asking. In fact, your strength is in your vulnerability; that is, as vulnerable as you may seem, it is that vulnerability that has no shields, defenses, or barriers to what is coming in to your experience.

On the surface, that can seem really unprotected, however, if you know that you are safe and secure in every moment, trusting and knowing that Source has you covered, you have no need to put up false barriers (even if they are motivated by a positive intention to care for yourself).

As Source is giving you messages that are in your best and highest good, it’s vital to be open to receiving them AND to taking action based on what you learn. Some of them may have challenges in them, like moving to a new state in order to grow to your next best level, but if you can see the magic in the message, it makes it a lot easier to follow them.

Remember that you are co-creating with Source energy. By feeling into what you want, you are aligning your energy with Source intentionally. By being open to experiences without having resistance to change, you are allowing yourself to receive without restriction, and that is highly attractive for all things related to enjoying life with more wealth in every way.


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