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Exploring the Root Chakra

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We are so busy being stressed and cooped up in ourselves and our lives, that we sometimes forget the importance of simply breathing, and not just out of our mouths but using the root of our bodies. If you feel tense, unable to relax you might need to open the root chakra inside you. If you are obsessed with claiming your space, or feel stiff, anxious, and nervous opening your root will help.

The body system is based on seven centers called chakras of energy, going vertically through the body, and these consists of sensory, breathing, circulation, digestion, reproduction and secretion, and the brain. The pelvis is your first chakra and the others are stacked on top, moving upwards through the body. Each chakra needs to be stimulated and it starts at the pelvis and stems upward to the navel, then the solar plexus, the heart, throat, the forehead, and finally the head.

The pelvis area is called the root of the chakra, and this is the area of the body that must be activated first. By doing so, you will feel more secure, grounded and relaxed.

The root chakra is located at the very bottom of the spine and by contracting the muscles close by you will be stimulate your senses because the root is in relation to the adrenal gland.

Methods to Open Your Root:
A technique to open the root is to let the tips of your thumbs and index fingers touch, while closing your eyes, and focusing on your root, and humming or a few deep breaths help, and you will begin to feel aware of your body. Opening the Root is based on connecting to the ground.

Try standing straight and relaxed, with your feet shoulder width apart, and slightly bend your knees and put your pelvis slightly forward, keep your body balanced, so that your weight is distributed evenly over the soles of your feet to connect to the ground. Then sink your weight downward. Now hold this position for a few seconds to activate your Root.

Another way to awaken the root chakra is to be physically active by walking, yoga, dancing, martial arts, Tai Chi, and to acknowledge your body, bring it down to earth, and take notice and take care of your well-being.


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