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The Face of Innocence: Hannah and Grace

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This poem was written for my daughter Hannah Grace. She and now her sister Faith are being sexually molested by their father. I have done my duty as a mother, as their protector, and their only voice to speak on their behalf—but to no avail. I have been heard by judges, CPS, law enforcement, and many state representatives only to be told their too young we can’t help you. So here I am … someone hear me … someone hear their cries. There is a Hannah and a Faith out there who are two and four years old who are sexually molested every other weekend by their father. They speak about it, and cry about it, and have nightmares about it. Will anyone take a stand and say no more!

A little girl; so precious and so sweet.
A life so full of joy and innocence
Without her life wouldn’t be complete.
She’s the apple of your eye
When she whispers to you fearfully
A truth that would make you cry.

From the voice of a babe, comes a heartbreaking statement
She trusts you and knows you won’t be complacent
In essence she has asked for your help, mommy
Break my silence; show me that you do care
Tell others of my whispers, mommy
Tell others of my despair 

It’s up to you mommy to speak and tell my story
My innocence is being lost
I am almost four; Please hurry!

Daddy is respectable; a man of God I have been told
You will be criticized mommy
Stand firm; Be Bold!
Because mommy if it is to be stopped
My story must be told.

Beg others mommy. You know what to do
Don’t give up; don’t back down
Call the Governor if you have to. 

Please stop this mommy it’s almost been a year.
Since I told you of my hurting and my ever-present fear
Plead with others to listen, Mommy.
My protection, Please demand.
Remember Mommy I am small
My life is in your hands!

By Krista Kalynn Cantrell


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