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A Face in the Mirror Has Grown Old

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The face in the mirror I do not recognize it anymore.
The face in the mirror, has a look that is somewhat strange to me.
I hold up my hands to try to remember things from the past.
My hands are fragile and old, delicate like glass.
My eyesight is not as good as it use to be. Everything is a far off
and a distance to me.
My hair is all snowy and white, Skin is all saggy and nothing is tight.
I would love to bite an apple like I use to do. I’m scared I may damage
these precious last two.
See the face in the mirror is someone we all will see, death is certain
my friend to you and to me. But make the best of what God had given.
I can look and smile at that face and say thank God I’m still living.
This is something I want to dedicate to a woman I met today.
Name Sadie. We had a ball, y’all!


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