Fairy Tales

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When was once upon a time

where’s the picket fence

Someone changed the story line

and real life makes no sense

Knights aren’t filled with bravery

nights are filled with longing

And Hero’s aren’t carried high

they instead, are spit on

Angry words made splinters

out of little picket fences

And real life once upon a time’s

can sometimes feel relentless

Kisses don’t awaken souls

that hurt has left for dead

And happily ever after

are just wishful words you’ve read

We’ve been in search of Princes

and our castles in the sky

Cause we believed the fairy tales

In volumes filled with lies

These stories learned we sadly

based an awful lot of dreams on

To find that happy endings

do no not happen very often

So what we girls were counting on

the things our minds eye painted

Were someone else’s make believe

that left the real world tainted.


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