Fantastic Coaches Series: Brad Yates

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“Side of the hand: Even though I don’t love and accept myself I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

I had enjoyed my EFT sessions before but this time, when the warm and comforting voice had me repeat this particular statement I loved Brad all the more.
The first time I heard Brad Yates he was talking about Success Beyond Belief with Internet Guru Joe Vitale. I had never heard of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) before and they were talking about using EFT to attract a new car. I was fascinated.

I joined his Tapping Into Abundance teleclasses on Monday mornings took the teleclasss and started to tap into abundance with Brad. His calls are filled with gentle humor and his intuitive guidance of the tapping routines is spot on. He finishes with a rockin’ visualization. A great way to start the week!

Some wonder how one person can have a profound experience while being led in EFT in a group setting. The truth is I don’t know how EFT works I do know that it is inspiring to hear other people face their misperceptions and make the quantum leaps Brad ushers in for and with them.

I learn a lot from Brad even now. He has a great library of YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure. His laid back and free form approach has impacted my EFT delivery model profoundly and I am grateful for his mentorship!

On a personal note I worked with Brad one in one for several sessions. I rarely choose men as coaches and so it is significant that I felt comfortable with him. Brad Yates is indeed an amazing, gifted EFT master who will help you move forward no matter what is blocking your way!

Thanks for everything Brad!

Tap …Tap …Tap.


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