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Fear keeps us trapped and prevents forward movement in life. Some fears are quite rational and serve a protective purpose. Fear can prevent us from doing things that might result in injury or death. Irrational fears interfere with the enjoyment of life. These irrational fears are generally the result of a past event and we fear the same thing happening in the future. This could be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Imagine you are a horseback rider. The horse is an incredibly sensitive animal. They feel and hear every breath you take or don’t take, every tense or relaxed muscle. If one were to ride the same horse all the time, the horse would become so attuned to you that they would seem to react to your every thought. You would only have to think trot or canter and that is what it would do. What the horse is reading are your subtle body movements that you are not even aware of. If your body is filled with fear, there will naturally be tension in your muscles and your breath if you are even remembering to breathe. The horse will perceive this as fear and it may make him fearful. Therefore, more likely to do things you really don’t want him to do such as spook or shy. Your nervousness will make him nervous. He also might interpret your tension as a direct threat to him and will express an unwillingness to do what you would like him to. Your body tension also causes him physical discomfort that he would like to escape and if he is an ill-mannered horse, he might just decide to dump you to rid him of the pain.

Why is this happening to the rider? The rider is plagued with fearful thoughts from the past. The rider might be saying, “Last year a horse bucked me off; a pony stepped on my toe.” It might not even be horse related. Someone in the past may have been a large bully and that is being projected onto the horse. In both instances, the thoughts are of the past and there is fear and anticipation that these things will happen in the near future. If one could let go of these thoughts and realize that in the moment none of these things are happening, then relaxation could occur and that would make for a splendid ride. If one is staying in the present moment and the horse does misbehave, one will be present enough or connected enough to handle the situation in a calm, rational, and skilled manner. If one is not present reactions and reflexes will be compromised.

This is true for all of life’s experiences. When faced with a situation that evokes fear, and I am talking about normal everyday occurrences, ask yourself if the fear is rational or irrational and what is it based upon. Fear will cloud your judgment and take away from the pleasure and beauty of the current truth

Is fear holding you back? Is it fear of failure or fear of success? Are you experiencing fears of being hurt, physically or emotionally?


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