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Fear..... Courage

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Fear of living in a horrible marriage
Fear of leaving that marriage
Fear of upsetting my children
Fear of ruining my life anymore than it was already
Fear of being emotionally bankrupt
Fear that I left
Fear that my relationships with my family changed
Fear that I couldn't have a life I dreamed of
Fear that no one saw me as a broken woman
Fear that others wanted to control me
Fear of a new life
Fear of meeting new people
Fear of setting boundaries
Fear of new responsibilities
Fear of being me
Courage to live in a horrible marriage
Courage to leave that marriage
Courage to upset my children
Courage to fix my life
Courage to be emotionally well
Courage to leave
Courage to change my family relationships
Courage to take on a new life
Courage to be a strong woman
Courage to take control of me
Courage to have a new life
Courage to meet new people
Courage to set boundaries
Courage to take on new responsibilities
Courage to be me

Eileenmarie…. Being Me


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