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Fearlessly, Exuberantly You

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We are in the full flush of spring and all its celebrations of life. All around us the earth shows itself in a chromatic display of vivacious living. Spring is the time for rebirth and renewal, to nourish oneself and to flower boldly in the world. There is a simultaneity to this, the rooting down and rising up, the grounding and pushing toward the sky.

Flowering is both metaphoric and literal. Just as plants spread their roots while blossoming in luscious, rich hues, you can fortify yourself while bursting forth in a brilliant display of the many gifts inside of you. To draw on your own immense capacity, you need only ask yourself, how can I best nourish myself and my life? What do I want to open myself up to?

Inside of you is sweet nectar. Open fearlessly, exuberantly, yourself, your life and show the world the thrilling color of you.


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