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Feel Good Factor

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Frustrated yet smiling
Confused yet thinking
Excited yet crying

After all the mess life had to throw at me, I have decided just not to cry. It’s perfectly normal to want to hit the panic button. But I have realized rather understood that its just a phase and has too pass on. No matter how deep the problem is, no matter how strong your negative emotions are, no matter how much of your time you sit and wonder how to get rid or solve the problem, its just where it is, and it will only change over time. We just need to let it be. Only thing you can change is your state of mind..

Your thoughts cause your feelings. Feelings can be good or bad. Assess yourself—if your thoughts are bringing about negative feelings that means you are not on the right track.

Its most important to feel good, to experience the feel good factor in everything you say, everything you do, everything you feel. In case you are feeling negative, you can change it immediately by thinking of something joyful, or remembering a happy experience. As the book “The Secret” rightly quotes—our job is not to worry about the “HOW”. The “HOW” will fall into place out of the commitment and faith in the “WHAT”.

Define your problem, what’s causing that stress? Is it failure in a relationship, loss of a job, loneliness, whatever that is, just first writes that down? This will allow you to think and brainstorm for solutions. At the end, it’s your decision if you choose to just hold on to the problem or try your best to solve it and handle your feelings much better.

So go ahead and experience the feel good factor within you and don’t let the hope die!!


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