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The Feminine Journey of the Soul

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The feminine journey of the soul was a support group facilitated by a very powerful woman, Salley M. Lesley. The group consisted of five women, myself being the fifth women to join the group in late November. I stumbled upon this group through an American Psychological Association website. I am currently working towards a PhD in the field of Counseling Studies. My goal is to first heal myself, and then after the spiritual healing process, I wanted to record my findings in a Heuristic Study.

I have experienced a number of depressive, and oppressive situations in my life. I needed to find a way to free myself from the repeated fears of rejection, low self-esteem, and feeling of hopelessness. I have been on a spiritual journey for some time, and have found ways to cope the best I could in hostile work environments, ritualistic religious arenas, which expressed so much dogma, but not the warmth or nurturing of true love. The Feminine Journey of the Soul provided me support and encouragement surrounding spiritual abuse, and church dogma which hindered my progression and power to forgive. The group empowered me against mind manipulation, control, and dogma that were not sound with God’s will or Biblical principals of living. 

The feminine journey freed me, and when my mind become unlocked from misinterpretations of words like submissive, humbleness, and so forth, I gained my power and strength, and now know what to be submissive too, and what it really meant to be humble. The more my mind was unlocked from the afflictions of abuse the more aware I became of others problems, and the actions against me. Many people are hurting and are looking for a way to escape from psychological traumas in the work place, church, and home environment; there is an inner cry for wholeness. The wholeness we search for, only God can fulfill. 

The stepping-stone in my life was to become empowered so that I can heal healthy, and not lop-sided. I needed to experience freedom, to believe in me, to know myself, and feel good about Yolonda, and to know that everything in my life was not my fault, and everything was not to be blamed on CSA alone. I had to empower myself so that I could become a better mother, worker, friend, sister, and right now, I am bringing more discovery to this healing process. Effectively I am working on other issues through EMDR psychotherapy, and I am assured that this is my last therapeutic process, and I am on my way to becoming an effective Therapist for children and adolescents. I encourage you all to join a support group, perhaps experience the effects of EMDR, and feel better inwardly, and never feel that the actions from others are an insult to you, people are actually hurting, and are feeling jealous, and envious because they do not have the courage to heal. Heal your soul; it has to be a soul healing first so that the heart, body and mind can be well, and you come to clear understanding of the power of God, which is real.




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