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Fender Bender Versus Earthquake in Haiti

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So I had a fender bender yesterday. It involved three cars and I am pretty sure I have now lost my ground effects that I have working on losing for years. One car hit the car in front and I hit them. There was really no damage well ok I guess the there was some dents. And these dents were really important to the other car owners. I called 911 and in about minute we had four cop cars and an ambulance. This is more than I saw in Haiti with people dying everywhere around us.

The owner of the first car felt like her life was over because she had a fender bender on Monday and now one on Friday. She even said, “What does God have against me!” They had to give her oxygen because she was so upset. But listen I am not looking down on her there has been many times I have felt like I must have a mark on my head to not be protected by God and there has been many times that I let little things stop my praises.

After the earthquake, we were outside all night with people that praise and worshiped God and it was not out of desperation it was out of adoration. Many of the adults there had lost their whole families and at one point we heard how great thou art in Creole. Their hands raising and crying out praise you Jesus. Many had lost their homes and knew the reality that food and water is very limited. They know that help is not a phone call away but knew that even then God is worthy to be praised.

The owner of the second car was late for a basketball game. His mother came very upset that this whole ordeal was taking so long. They even tried to leave four times before the cop would let her. Because she knows that her son was going to be late. Not upset about the car but upset that she was inconvenience to come get him. She asked the cop, “If this could please go any faster … we have important things to do…. Don’t you know He has a basketball game to get to?” Once again I don’t look down on this I have been there many times where I feel like everything is just getting in my way to get to do what I want to do.

After the earthquake in Haiti, of course, our minds went to three angels where our daughter was and to the two men that were digging the well on the Bosko land down the road. Pastor Claude was the pastor that has an orphanage, church, and medical clinic on his land of the guesthouse we were staying at wanted to make sure we were safe along with the fifty-six children from the orphanage. He went out of his way in this tragic time to take us in minutes after the quake to the Bosko site. PTL the men took a break and they were not in the well. Then we went back to the children and at 2 a.m. He wakes us up and said if we are going to find your daughter we must go now. So we climb into the truck and went to Peitionville. Along the way He picks up person after person that needed help to find their families. But first we headed to Delmas 91 the street where Naitile’s orphanage was.

Buildings were down everywhere; they weren’t really any standing and none safe. Thousands and thousands of people were out on the streets with no place to go. Many were digging their friends and family out by hand from the rubble because there was no help, no tools, and no ambulances. We get to Delmas 91 and it’s not passable not even on foot. Our hearts sank as we continue to hear the cries of the people and the piles of dead around us. We walked the back way to the orphanage and Pastor Claude walked with us every step of the way. It looked as if there was not a building standing. Jarod recognized the water pipe that he helped with on a previous trip but we could not really see because the wall was too high so we made our way to the front. Jarod went in and we yelled the names of the leader and all the children we did not see or hear them but the build though very damaged was still standing and we knew that they were alive. Pastor Claude rejoiced with us as if it was his daughter. But his selfless journey did not stop there was still a whole tap tap of people that needed to find their families so we went on. He took them down many streets and when we would get close enough they would get out to go find their families. Pastor Claude would wait for each until he heard if they were alive or not. If they were alive they would stay there but if none made it they would get in the back of the truck. We still had a full truck when we returned back.

So after the fender bender I was standing and felt fine oh but don’t forget that I do have a bruise on my knee. The truth is that I did brake “hard” and I am three months pregnant. To be real honest I could not even assess my own pain. They wanted to take me to the hospital and I could not grasp why. So after talking with my husband that wanted me to go and calling a friend here I in a ambulance in a soft stretcher and my temp was taken, blood pressure I think 12 times before I got to the hospital. I was taken right into a room with all this equipment and immediately had a nurse and doctor. They did an ultrasound and x-ray of my knee even though it bent and everything just to be sure because they did not want there to be the chance of any problems later. They saw that I was cold and brought me a warmed blanket.

After the earthquake in Haiti while riding with Pastor Claude we pasted a hospital that had collapsed and they were treating everyone that they could with nothing. They were piling the bodies of the dead in a bulldozer then into a dump truck and then into a mass grave. They were doing surgeries with nothing. Really it’s the doctors that grabbed my heart in this situation because the reality hit that right behind them was their co-workers dead in the building and they are still working and doing as much as they could. In a situation where they had nothing. They still held to hope that they could help a few.

Through all of this all you could here was praises not cries for help to God but praises. I pray that the next time I go through something I could remember to sing “How Great Thou Art”!

I am not upset that we have so much here I am just explaining how much we have here. Please continue to pray for Haiti. Please help me keep my promise to Pastor Claude which by the way is the one who risked his life to save ours. When Jarod and I left we told Pastor Claude that the only thing we know to do is to go back and get help. If you are looking for a place to help please go to Thank you.


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