Final: Written After My Husband Died

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Death comes to each of us as we travel this road called life
The question is—can we endure all the grief, tears and strife
Our souls are wrenched with emptiness and life takes on despair
How do we handle the loss—some days its hard to bare
Day in day out we go about our duties and our task
laying aside our sorrow—performing and wearing a cheery mask
We smile and say. “I’m doing fine” when others inquire of us
It’s words we must say if we’re ever to adjust
But the word “final” re-occurs in every thought and deed
so the reality of emptiness and void—I now must concede
The life as I knew it has come to an end
My loved one has come and gone like the blowing of the wind
There are no more “good mornings” or even a kiss good night
This day is the only day we have—to fail or get it right
So stop and think—as each day appears
A time will come when there will be grief and tears
Yes, death’s oh so final pertaining to this sphere
but one day when life’s no more—no sadness or no tears
heaven will gather us together with-in its hallowed walls
and our spirits will be joined forever at God’s final curtain call.


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