Find Your Inner Peace

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The baby, the kids, the husband, the boyfriend, the job, the extended family, the elderly parents, the school, the daycare, the church, the charity, the girlfriends, and so on, and so on, and so on. By nature, sisters are the caregivers, the nurturers, the nurses, the teachers, the accountants, the tax preparers, the lawyers when conflicts arise, the organizers, the financial planners, the seamstress, the cooks and chefs, the emergency babysitters, the SUPERWOMAN.

Where do we place ourselves on the to-do-list? Are we on the bottom rung, hanging on for dear old life? Or did we exclude ourselves from the list altogether?

Continuously putting others, and their needs before our own, often leaves us feeling over-extended, over-committed, exhausted, exasperated, frustrated, irritated and depressed.

2009 IS THE TIME! Set a goal to put yourself at the TOP of your to-do-list.

SOLUTION: tub and water and candles and a good book and reflection and thirty min equals RELAX, RENEW, REJUVENATE YOUR SPIRIT, and then care for others GUILT-FREE.



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