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Finding Faith in a Bad Situation

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Last year my husband lost his job and I thought, “Oh my God, what are we going to do?” Two small grandchildren and bills piling up all around. I had gotten accustomed to living worry-free. Now I was generally pulling my hair out, suffering with chest pains headaches daily, I knew something horrible was going to happen. My husband and I have always been faithful in the church and tried to live our lives according to the commandments God left as guidelines. So why is this happening to us, I thought? I could think of nothing else but why us? I became angry and really didn’t want to socialize with old friends or  family members all I could dwell on why us? It was that Thursday before Good Friday I was at a thrift store near town.

There was a place hundreds of homeless people hung out to get a free food and hot showers near by.
I notice a woman to with two small kids and she had the biggest brightest smile on her face, that it made
my heart break. I immediately went over and asked if I could help her with anything? She immediately
replied to me with You feel sorry for me dont you ? My tongue became stiff I could barely say a word.
She said as long as I have a place to feed my children and keep them clean I’m blessed. We stay with a
friend at night when she goes to work we leave because she’s scared to leave anyone in her house.
And that’s ok we’re blessed just to have that. That changed the way I looked at my life and I stop complaining and put more faith in God. If a homeless person can display that much faith I can too. So I stop stressing and God start Blessing.


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