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Finding Your Mythic You and Your Passion

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Have you ever identified with one of those mythic characters we read about in history books? I have had a close relationship with Isis on her eternal search for her husband, or one of those priestesses mentioned in old Greek or Hindu books, or the gypsies I encountered in far away lands. Why? I don’t really know. I guess all of us are born with some kind of eternal memory from other times that we can’t quiet remember.

Thinking about what my life has been so far, I have realized that those characters have led many stages of my existence, many of them in a good way. I have always been a strong woman in search for the unknown, in search of that special something that would give me the joy of freedom, adventure, and unconditional love for myself and those around me.

How many of you have ever dreamed to live a fairy tale, those that are only narrated in children books? Most people think that it is not possible to experience it in the midst of the turbulent and hectic times we face. When you can’t imagine it could happen, there it is, but since we stopped believing, we let it go, losing the once in a lifetime opportunity to taste the flavors of magic.

I had mine and I am grateful to life every day for allowing all my senses to enjoy the time when my own fairy tale took form. It is all about believing that miracles do exist, that love has many faces, and that magic is possible and can be perceived in the air we breath, the music you hear, the words that inspire you, the food you share, the dance at midnight, when there’s no clock to mark that time when it is over, and the sky that gives you shelter.

Your mythic-self can guide you into that fantasy that you can keep real. She can lead the way of those dreams you have been dreaming forever but never dare to make tangible. Passion for life is one of the most important aspects we need to develop in order to get in touch with that self that is an integral part of all humans. It is the passion for what we do, think, imagine, and work hard for, passion for those around us, those who share their own passions with us.

Just think about it. What is your passion? Do you live with that awesome feeling? Even in the worst of days, do you allow your passion and that unknown inner character to take charge and heal your pain? It is in our nature. Could you remember?


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