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Finding Yourself

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Have you ever found yourself looking into space, wondering why you’re here today? Or just walking down the street, just staring at your feet? Well, if you haven’t, I have and I’m going to tell you what I figured out.

My friends, we all have a purpose in life, and might I add it’s not bad at all. If you’ve read my first story about some of things I’ve been through. I really felt like I should be dead or please God, just come get me. I figured that God put me here on earth to be a voice for young men and woman, whom have been abused. Also to be a helpful hand for those in need of comfort and love. I still ask myself, “Why,” when I’m the one who’s really suffering.

If I can’t deal with my own pain, then how can I deal with someone else’s pain? I figure that my gift is love. You know how Christmas is the season to give, and not expect anything in return. Well, I’m going to share my gift of love to all abused children, by writing a story of my faith through God, and how I survived through my storms. It wasn’t easy, and I still have a lot to work on. But hey, I’m here, I’m blessed in many ways. May God bless all of you whom have been abused. For those of you who might be getting abused as I write or in the future, I pray for you, and God is watching over you. Stay strong, have faith, and never give up on yourself. May peace be with you all.


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