The First Year

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The First Year

I can’t believe it’s been a year; the days have gone so fast, it seems I will barely blink, and time has already past.

I remember that day, all too well; the day you had to go. The memory has brought me many thoughts, from high to deepest low.

Joyful you were free from pain; reunited with loved ones who passed. Yet hurting too, for you were gone, how long would my broken heart last?

The first month was hard; but tolerable it seems, so many were there for me. The funeral, and your personal affairs, left very little time free.

The second was harder, and so was the third; reality was now setting in. Day to day life, without having you here, was now hurting deeper than it had been.

The next two months it was more of the same; even harder because holiday’s were here. My first Christmas without you, was harsh; you were missing; that was something so brutally clear.

And then came the month of your birthday you see; it was such a bittersweet day. Remembering the dozens of parties we’d thrown, can we go back? There must be a way.

The next few months I was still fighting heartache; I tried harder to hide it this time. Some days I would do better; but then something would happen, causing tears with no reason or rhythm.

On those special days, or not so good ones, I catch myself reaching to call you. The longing is there, it never subsides; my fragile heart can’t get the clue.

Here we are now; one year has gone by, and the emotions are still evidently near. Twelve months have passed, but you’re still in my heart; you will be there, forever, my dear.


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