Five Five-Minute Ways to Strengthen Your Christian Muscles

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Did you know that if you don't give your spiritual muscles a workout every day, it's possible you will grow spiritually lazy (Eph 4:18)? Here are five easy five-minute workouts that will help keep your Christian muscles healthy and strong.

1. Pray. Take fiveminutes to pray thoughtfully for a loved one who is struggling with financial problems, an ailing neighbor or even yourself! Prayer is our direct connection toGod. He desires to hear from us so that He can respond to our needs (James 1:6).

2. Read the Headlines. Log onto the home page of MSN News or your favorite online news provider and scan the daily headlines for five minutes. What's making news these days? Are the headlines mostly positive? Mostly negative? Gossip stories about celebrities? Knowing what's going on in the world can help you adjust your priorities. Should you praise your senator for helping to pass an important piece of legislation? Should you send an email to your news provider and let them know you want to see less gossip and more important news on their homepage? Knowing where the world is headed can help you change it (Prov 18:15)

3. Read a Scripture. The Bible is God's word as well as His instruction manual on how He wants us to live our lives and conduct ourselves. Take five minutes to reread a favorite scripture or open your bible to a random page and perhaps discover a new one (Psalm 119:105)!

4. Study One of God's Creations. Take a five-minute break to walk outside and admire a bird perched in a tree, a flower blooming in your garden or a mighty tree rooted in your backyard. Think of all the details God put into making such a creation. What a loving God He must be to pour so many details into something so seemingly insignificant as tree bark! Think of how much more planning and detail he put into you (Psalm 92:5)!

5. Thank God. Take five mintues to tell God "thank you" for all of the wonderful things He's done for you. Thank Him for your beautiful children, the food on your plate, your old car that still runs or whatever else comes to mind. God blesses us with so many things. Doesn't He deserve a little praise (Deut 10:21)?


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