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Five Minutes: From Panic to Productivity

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Do you know how to pull yourself above the muck of stress and panic?

Beyond implosion?


Can you sidestep undermining voices yelling within you; wanting and yet simultaneously not wanting to be in the driver’s seat?

The grip of a fist, tightening around your vital intake of air?

Paralysis. Shut down. Blank.


We all go through it. Stress. Who would have known? We are united by anxiety.

Perhaps it’s the bills? Perhaps it’s your children? Your health? Your unhappy relationship? God knows there are enough bona fide reasons to have that stress trigger flipped.

So when I speak to you here, I know you can relate to me and I can relate to you. In this we are not unique.

I’ve been around that block. Sometimes I seem to be taking a trip down memory lane and I feel like I’m right back where I started. Why can extreme tension still bring me back there?

But picture a world without pressure? I mean, would anything even get done? Stress is part of the energetic tension that drives us both forward and to greatness. Kind of like a hot air balloon with no gas. Not going anywhere, right?

Stress is a vital part of our existence . Yes, it most certainly can be a critical aspect of our death too (Maybe I’ll blog about that if there’s a strong enough internet connection from the other side?). But actually, it’s crucial - it keeps us alive.

Crap? Horrid? Maybe . . . we need to somehow reframe.


If that’s the deal, if stress is simply not going to go away, what can be done to differentiate between positive and negative stressors? What can be done to overcome that aforementioned paralysis and get back to the program of living and thriving and creating?

Like I said, I don’t always get it right. Sometimes I forget what to do too. In the quagmire of too muchness I binge on unconstructive behavioral indulgences. I’m human - and so are you.
But then there are times—increasingly with practice and mindfulness - that I champion the stressful situation and go on to soar; to be productive and grow beyond my wildest imagination. You see, when we are holding on to “stuff,” we are blocking possibilities. Clinging onto fear fills up the space that goodness, calmness and success could be occupying.

Are you ready to join me in carving out a new path? A new stress response? Because that’s the first step.

Paralysis is where we’ve both already been. It doesn’t pay the rent. It doesn’t feed the kids. And it doesn’t foster good health and harmony.

Let’s (lovingly) kick some ass instead. Let’s harness the power that is 100 percent ours. Let’s change our response and move mountains . . . in a breath.

You game?

If you’re still reading, I know you are. And I’m grateful. It means you know you are worth it.


Surrender. Surrender to the sound of your breath. Surrender to the beating of your heart.

Get comfortable, close your eyes, and inhale through your nose. Now I don’t care if you’re at your desk, in a public toilet or anywhere else for that matter. Okay, cautionary note: Not to be done while driving or operating heavy machinery. You get the picture, I know.

Aside, we have a kitty, Jessica. She loves to be on anyone meditating. So if you have a Jessica, best she’s somewhere else because a cat climbing all over one tends to be distracting.


I want you to breathe. You’re doing it anyway. Inhale through your nostrils and exhale out your mouth. And as you inhale say to yourself “Breathing in, I breathe in," and exhaling repeat, “Breathing out, I breathe out." That’s it!

Your mind may wonder; bring it back to the mantra. Any thoughts that pop up . . . let them go. Be the observer— almost like lying on your back on the grass and watching the clouds travelling by. Let them. Don’t attach yourself to those thoughts. Detachment.
“Breathing in, I breathe in. Breathing out, I breathe out."

“Breathing in, I breathe in. Breathing out, I breathe out."

Stillness will come. I guarantee you. Just like any other new activity, this too requires practice.

Five minutes. Set the timer if you must. Dedicate these three hundred seconds to shifting your paradigm so that you can refocus and get productive.

The benefits are endless and documented. Short term, immediate calm; long term, increased attention, motivation, efficiency and focus. Oh, and not to forget, overall stress reduction.


So how about starting right now? Instead of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome, are you tempted to try an alternative approach to the stress in your orbit? You don’t need to be a hippie chick or guy. Are you willing to shift gear?

Only you can.

Grab your power. Change your stress response. Take five  minutes.

And then fly, Darling. Soar with the momentum that you’ve freed up. Fly.


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