Five Steps to Life Balance

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A new day, a new week, a new month. Each day is a new beginning that can bring you closer to accomplishing your goals and reaching your dreams. But do you even know what those goals and dreams are? There is one on the list of many busy women I know and that is to have work life balance. I am constantly seeking better ways to keep my business and personal life flowing like a peaceful river rather than churning like Niagara Falls.

The air is full of hopes, dreams and new possibilities. It is an opportunity to think more about our goals. One of the best ways to do this is to create an up-to-date list of your goals for the next twelve  months. You may be saying, “I have done this before and it never works.”

Did you know—”that less than one percent of adults have clearly stated goals, yet those who do earn as much as ten times more than those who don’t”? That is according to one of my favorite authors Jack Canfield, author of “The Success Principles.” Why is this true? 

One reason is because if you clearly state what your goals are for the year, you will easily know when you have reached them. Another reason is that a person who uses goals is constantly reminding herself of what is important in her life. By reading your goals on a regular basis you are constantly reminding yourself of the bigger picture in your life and of what is important to you. There is no better way to find balance than by reminding yourself of what is really important and making that a priority.

Here are a few simple steps to help you create goals that will result in a successful year:

  1. Create measurable goals. This means you need to be able to easily determine or measure whether you have achieved a goal. So your goals will have numbers like: I will go on three date nights a month with my husband or I will lose fifteen pounds or I will work out three times a week for one hour each time. This will make it very easy for you to say, “Yes, I have worked out three times this week,” or “No, I have not”.
  2. Create a deadline. I will have a new car by December 31, I will lose fifteen pounds by May 1 or I will complete my file organization project by January 31. Not only does creating a deadline put a clock on a goal that can motivate you to complete it, but it also creates another clear way to measure if you have achieved the goal.
  3. Have no more than ten goals. It is easy to create a long list of goals, but the fewer goals you have the higher the chances are that you will actually achieve more of them. Choose what is really important to you, and as the year progresses if you achieve a goal remove it from your list and add a new goal.
  4. Review goals on a regular basis. In order to increase the success rate of achieving your goals, you should post them where you will see them every day. Review progress on your goals each month and determine whether or not the goals have been achieved or if they are still relevant.
  5. Celebrate! Reaching one of your goals is a reason for celebration. How you celebrate can be as simple as a special treat from your favorite coffee house all the way up to a lavish trip to the spa.

Remember, your goals are the first steps to knowing and acknowledging what you really want from life. They are a reflection of who you are and what you can achieve. Your goals should be treated seriously and paid attention to.

Here’s to achieving work life balance this year and reaching all of your goals!Originally written for w2wlink by Angela Ploetz.


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