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Five Steps to Make Real Life Changes

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How is that one person can be more motivated than another? What does it take to be the person that always takes action? I really had to ponder this question because I naturally take action, often too much! And for those of you who are thinking, Yeah I wish that was my problem, I have to tell you, doing too much is just as bad as doing too little. I have been reprimanded by my coach to stop taking action and to start doing nothing, which is the hardest thing for me to do. So a balance is needed.

Here are the five steps to make real life changes:

  1. Discover your bigger why. Why are you here? What is your purpose on the planet? When you feel power from the universe to deliver some sort of purpose it is almost impossible not to take action.
  2. Operate from a positive emotion … or else! If you are doing something (or nothing) always check in and make sure you are feeling good. Does it feel good to veg out on the couch? Does it feel good to take a walk? Does it feel good to cook a gourmet meal? What would feel better?
  3. Balance work versus play. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a week, month, or whatever off from the gym, if that is what your body is seeking. The universe asked me to take the month of December completely off, I listened and guess what … my pants aren’t any tighter, and I ate everything over the holidays I desired. Yoga felt so good last night and my body hasn’t felt pain all month.
  4. Use music, magazines, TV, or any other method to make action more fun. When I clean out my closet, I blast my favorite music. When I am doing my towel exercises for my chiropractor (which requires me doing absolutely nothing), I hold a magazine over my head (great shoulder workout too!). When I need to get through a stressful moment, there is nothing like cheesy reality TV and a coloring book.
  5. Dance a lot, laugh even more. Keep life as light as you possibly can. Dance to music that you would normally shy away from and then laugh at yourself. Watch a comedy or read a funny book. Dance in front of the mirror naked and realize that your body is just a body. Life is so much more fun when you are actually living it.



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