Five Ways to Feel Good About Your Body

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Studies show that when you feel good about yourself, and are confident, you look better to other people. I know for a fact that my girlfriends look a whole lot better when they stand up tall and are proud of the way they look, whether they are curvy, skinny, or anything in between. And I know when I feel confident in myself, I seem to attract more men without even trying. But how, you ask, when faced with Heidi Klum and her post-baby bod, or Adrianna Lima and her flawless skin, can you feel beautiful? After all, I might have a bit of a tummy, or my hair may not be washed, and I have a wrinkle here or there. But honestly, I know you’ve heard this a hundred times, you are your body’s worst critic. I can guarantee you he never notices those little things (unless you point it out to him). Still not convinced? Here are ten ways to make yourself feel more confident and sexy when you walk out of the house.

Wear Flattering Clothes
I bet at the time you’re sitting there in front of the mirror, pointing out all of your little flaws, you’re in your baggy sweats and old t-shirt. But if you wear clothes that flatter your body, you will feel a hundred times better. As my friend Sadie always says “Clothes make the body”. And it’s true. For me, I know I have a bit of a tummy, so I enjoy wearing belted dresses, cropped jackets, and low cut jeans. Those things make me appear to lose almost five pounds, and take attention away from my belly. I never go near any tight fitting shirts or dresses, because that would only accentuate, and you want to do that to your good parts, not your bad parts. Look online or in some magazines for articles on clothes for your body type.

Make a List of All the Good Things About Yourself
Sure, this might sound like something out of a t.v show (Full House, anyone?)¸but it works wonders. Feeling down on yourself? Not liking the way a certain body part looks? Don’t just sit there and focus on it, find something good about yourself! Do you think your pores are too big? Well, you have a beautiful smile! Chest too flat? But you have some gorgeous hair! Every time you find something wrong, find something right and put it on the list. Then, repeat the things on your list to yourself when you feel crappy. Voila!

Stand Up Straight
Not only does this make you appear more confident, but its actually good for your figure! I read in a health book once that keeping your back up and your abs tight is actually a good way to keep them that way (of course its no replacement for actual exercise). When you have bad posture, it makes you look shorter, fatter, and unapproachable. Who would you rather approach of two men? The guy who was standing up straight, or the guy whose back and shoulders were hunched over? I rest my case.

Eat Healthy/Exercise
Yeah, yeah, sure. We’ve all heard this spiel before. Eat right, exercise, and your world will be perfect, yada yada yada. But honestly, do you feel better after eating a bunch of fast food, or after eating something healthy, yet satisfying? That’s because if you eat something that is anti-bloat, like yogurt for instance, not only do you feel proud of yourself for making the right choice, but your body literally thanks you. Unhealthy and fatty foods upset your tummy, make you feel crummy, and are just blech. Same goes for exercise. You’re proud of yourself, and that little high you get after exercising makes you happy. Did you know that exercising causes a release of endorphins, which make you feel happy, thus confident. Cool, huh?

Get Some Good Friends
This one should be a given. I’ve had some really unhealthy friendships in the past, and all they made me do was feel bad about myself. These girls who were supposedly my friends would make subtle hints about my body. Things like “Do you really think you should eat that?” or “You know, I heard about these really good diet pills…”. And I know women, after all, I am one. For some reason, we seem to be attracted to “friends” who talk behind our backs, and are just plain catty. Friendships should make you feel good about yourself, not make you feel down. Oh, and those girls who recommended the diet pills? Yeah, they’re in an ED clinic right now. It turned out they were so laser pointed on the so-called flaws on their own body, thier minds couldn’t take it, so they had to put some of the burden on other people. So if a “friend” tells you these kind of things, chances are they’re just self-conscious.

So now, we’ve gotten through the list, or the happy list as I like to call it. Just remember one thing as you leave here, you are all beautiful. Even if you don’t think so half of the time, or you don’t have the perfect body, or anything like that, just remember that. This is the list that keeps me going through the day. I just put a smile on my face and keep trudging! So go now, and have a great self-esteem filled day!


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