Five Ways to Get Back to a Good Day!

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We all have bad days. Days when things aren’t going our way or we just cant get in the right mindset to enjoy ourselves. Most days I find that I start in a rather neutral to happy place. As the day goes on I let things get to me, things that logically I would never allow to get me down and yet it happens. I’ve been working on some techniques to get me through these feeling and let myself get back to where I was. Happy!

1. When I’m feeling that creeping sense of unhappiness, I don’t force it down! Instead I allow myself to explore those emotions, I get down to the nitty gritty of why I’m feeling that way. If I allow myself that minute or two to truly explore those emotions, I can understand it and put a logical reason to it. After that I am free to let it go. It seems to dissipate as quickly as it came on.

2. If that doesn’t work, I shake myself up, literally! I need to move a bit, stretch out my muscles and change my scenery. Even if its just a walk down the hallway or to the washroom. If I stir my body up it gives me a new vibe and I’m more prepared to work on a better perspective.

3. I take in the sounds around me, the cars going down the street, the hum of the furnace, the sound of the radio or wind outside. I need to remind myself which moment I’m actually in, and it’s not the moment I’m reliving in my mind. It grounds me to reality and I can let those emotions ease off.

4. If I’m stressing about things coming up in life that I feel unprepared about, I make a list! Not always a list of eggs and milk or what needs to be cleaned! A calm your mind list. For example, before my stressful dinner with the in-laws I need to…. make time for a bath and meditation, put on my happy music, vent to a pal before the big event, or plan a meal that I have wonderful memories tied to. These things are simple enough but they only work if you actually do them!

5. Last but not least, I light candles in my favourite scent! My emotions are heavily affected by scent. We all have strong memories tied to certain scents, pick one and take the time to surround yourself in it. It will change your outlook immensely!



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