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Five-Year Milestone

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If you count the days from my last chemo treatment (Monday, July 3, 2006), it will be five years. Five years since I completed my last round of chemo. Amazing, grateful, and happy. It finally dawned on me today—I mean, it really hit me—that on July 3, 2011, I will be cancer-free. No more blood tests every six months. It will be every year just like a normal person. I fought it and I won. I hope by saying this I am not jinxing myself. I whipped its ass, I had a hysterectomy, I did chemo, and I WON. We don’t get to win at a lot of things in life but I won—I am not dying. I am living; I am savoring each meal. I am still breathing fresh air.

The best part of having cancer is the cancer hospital I went to: Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. This place was (and is) amazing. I finished my chemo treatments, recouped, and I started working here. It is amazing that there are so many success stories now. I am so grateful to be one. Thank you, Dr. Lucci, and the staff in CTU. You saved me.


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