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Food for Thought or Vice Versa

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I have been considered by many to be loquacious with a penchant for verbosity peppered with contemplative notions. Oh yeah—I’m your worst nightmare: an intellectual with an ample vocabulary.

As off-putting as my quirky personality is, I have a more biting subject to address: when did knowledge and multi-tiered thinking become so taboo? Nothing sends more people running and screaming into the night faster than the idea of having to endure a deep conversation. Well, that and the notion of reading a book for (gasp!) pleasure. What is so sinful with a free-thinking individual?! The quest for knowledge and/or self-realization is avoided like swine flu. I would applaud a pandemic of analytical, meditative reasoning.

But, in contrast to today’s acceptance of cerebral mediocrity, I refuse to wallow in a murky, monosyllabic puddle for popularity’s sake. I’ll continue to dive into deeper waters and I invite one and all to join me for a dip! Open a book, open your mind, open your heart and soul to something unfamiliar. Learn a new word everyday. Learn something new about yourself everyday.

Ooooh ... sorry about that. I allowed myself to get carried away with the incredible fantasy of leading the world into a revolution against this current Philistine regime and self-induced ignorance.

Silly Laura ... lofty ideals are for kids.



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