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Found Myself

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Okay, okay, so I haven’t actually found “all of me” quite yet, so I won’t jump the gun here. But, the great news is that I’ve finally started looking!

I spent a lot of my time yesterday looking for things that I might be interested in (I was actually inspired by “Corner Book Shop and Coconut,” a story that I read here). I absolutely adore coffee shops and used bookstores, I can sit and read and search for hours and never get bored or overwhelmed with all of the amazing books that are available. I prefer used bookstores to your typical chain stores because I love the character and charm and the enchanting feeling that I get when I walk into them. (You can imagine the feeling if you close your eyes.)

Another thing that I’ve been extremely curious about is homeopathy and aromatherapy. I believe that there are so many ways that the body can heal itself without the over-prescribing that doctors tend to do these days. I don’t believe that everything can be treated with drugs. So, I found a little shop called the The Well that offers various yoga classes as well as information and classes about the different types of healing that can be done naturally.

I also sent a friend whom I haven’t seen since March a text to see if he’d be interested in catching up over a cup of coffee on Saturday afternoon, something that I normally wouldn’t do because I’ve been spending most of the Saturdays that I don’t have my daughter in bed, pathetically enough. But, not anymore. I am ready to get out there and start life.

I dropped my daughter off at her dad’s today and I will pick her up on Saturday evening. I’m going to spend these couple of days with myself; getting to know myself again. I’m tired of waking up and going through the motions. I’m ready to feel alive again.



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