Garlic Doesn’t Make You Cry, It’s Onions

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As I’m smashing down some garlic in a pilon, it’s like a mortar, what physicians used to grind down medicines somewhat. I remember my mom. She always loved to cook with garlic as so do I. My mom would make the best lasagna I have ever tasted in ever.

So anything basically reminds of my mom at this point. I cry everyday. She was always so happy. Even though my mom had plenty of onions to cry about she always managed to hold up and face the world with her smile. So when your making a meal or having a meal with your loved ones always, but always do cherish that moment. Every second counts. When my mom started feeling ill, it was too late. Turns out my mom were having heart problems she never told me about. She acted as if there was nothing wrong until she passed as to not to worry me.

And now I’m lost crying and chopping garlic. I miss her so much.                   


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